This year we had the privilege of taking our program to kids who ordinarily would not have access to creative writing classes. We're excited about serving students at

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  • Benito Juarez Elementary, Richmond, CA

  • Oakland Charter Academy, Foothill Boulevard, Oakland, CA

  • Oakland Leaf at Bret Harte Elementary & Ascend in Oakland, CA

  • IT Bookman Community Center, San Francisco, CA



Take My Word For It!” is an innovative creative writing program – a place where kids can feel safe and supported while they grow as writers. Since 2005 we have been offering our innovative curriculum through after-school and community-based creative writing programs. 

You can sign up for our classes here. Please note: some schools require parents to register through them; please call (510-388-1548) or email us ( and we will happily direct you to the appropriate person to contact at your school.

At the end of each session, our young authors have the thrill of sharing their writing out loud at our readings for parents and friends. With permission, their work is also featured on our blog & our Facebook page.

Our programs are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern Virginia, and Boston.