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Does your child resist writing? Our aim is to engage children’s imaginations while exposing them to the adventure of writing. Often, even by third grade, kids have decided they don’t like writing or that they’re “no good” at it. Our mission is to change their minds by creating an environment that fosters independence, a sense of belonging and competence. Want to work with your reluctant writer at home? We love these suggestions from GreatSchools.org:

  • Start with "Let's play a game." There's no need to mention "writing game" if your child is a reluctant writer.
  • Choose subjects your child loves, like brontosauruses or monster movies or soccer or shoes.
  • Talk through ideas, ask questions, and listen carefully to answers.
  • Make drawings, notes, and story maps together if your child can't remember ideas.
  • Take dictation.
  • Praise honestly and liberally.
  • Keep games short.
  • Post written work on the wall or refrigerator, or send it to family members and friends. Writing is meant to be shared.

Parents of former reluctant writers on TMWFI:

“I was hopeful but a bit doubtful at first that Nataly would enjoy a creative writing class – after all, writing would have to compete with electronic games and television — but due to the excellent program and WONDERFUL instructor, she had a great experience!  Now she views writing more as an exciting challenge, a chance to “find her own voice” and express herself, and less as a chore full of worries about spelling and punctuation.  I would highly recommend TMWFI!” - Larry, parent

“I have always been hesitant to do academic enrichment after a long day at school but this class was amazing. We and his teacher have noticed a BIG difference in his writing and more importantly his enjoyment of writing.

This is the boy who beforehand did not like to write at all and sped through every assignment he was given. Now he is writing up a storm and making comic books with his friends at school.” - KB, parent