I want to personally thank you for the AMAZING “Take My Word For It!” program you have developed. It has been life changing for Elijah. He wants to be a “famous” writer when he grows up and has truly cultivated his skill and passion for writing from the TMWFI classes he has taken. Thank you for instilling a life long love for writing within Elijah’s heart. As I told Emily, his instructor, I will make sure you show up in the acknowledgements of his first book!
— Laura, parent
Emily was WONDERFUL! The boys all really enjoyed the week and learned a lot too (when does THAT happen?!). I was impressed with how fun and motivating her lessons were, and how they really applied to many genres (descriptive language, precise word choice, etc.). Thank YOU for having a terrific company and outsourcing Emily all the way to the South Bay! I sense an expansion for “Take My Word For It!” :)
— Maureen, on-demand camp parent
It’s a hugely valuable program. I am so grateful my son had this opportunity! His writing has grown by leaps and bounds and it’s so much fun to hear his sense of humor in his writings too!
— Jodi, parent
My 4th grade daughter took TMWFI in the winter and signed up for it again for the current session. I was hopeful but a bit doubtful at first that Nataly would enjoy a creative writing class - after all, writing would have to compete with electronic games and television - but due to the excellent program and WONDERFUL instructor, she had a great experience! Now she views writing more as an exciting challenge, a chance to “find her own voice” and express herself, and less as a chore full of worries about spelling and punctuation. I would highly recommend TMWFI!
— Larry, parent
It’s such a pleasure to read my daughter’s stories, and the other students’ as well. Their stories are so creative and interesting, and I am glad to see how much Amy is enjoying this class. I am impressed to see how much her writing is improving, especially as an ESL student. Moving from French to English is not easy at all. I am amazed. Thank you for your help.
— Annita, parent
Hello to All Fourth and Fifth Grade parents,
I just want to put a passionate plug in for joining the Creative Writing enrichment class for this Spring.
We enrolled our son in it last Fall as a Fourth grader and it transformed his writing in quality and quantity. I have always been hesitant to do academic enrichment after a long day at school but this class was amazing. We and his teacher have noticed a BIG difference in his writing and more importantly his enjoyment of writing.

This is the boy who beforehand did not like to write at all and sped through every assignment he was given. Now he is writing up a storm and making comic books with his friends at school.
— KB, parent
I wanted to say again “thank you!” for tonight’s presentation. I loooved hearing my son read!! He was on a cloud afterwards, it was so special to see. What a great topic, and his reading of our Thanksgiving got me all choked up! The other readings were delightful - you have obviously unlocked great fun and imagination from those kids. Just a great hour all around.
— Lisa, parent
I wanted to send a belated THANK YOU to you and your team for leading such an excellent writing class. It seems you’ve really instilled a love of writing with Karam, who went from hemming and hawing when we signed him up to asking when the next class starts!
— S.K., parent
Today one of my students at Beach told me that she thought her stories were getting better. She said that when she started last session she didn’t think they were that good, but that now, she thinks they’ve really improved. I agree and can’t tell you how rewarding it is to hear a kid go from believing they’re not a good writer to believing that they are. If only I could impress upon her how important those kind of beliefs are in life.
— Emily Phillips, TMWFI instructor
First off, thank you so much for the food writing class. My daughter had a great time and I had a blast hearing about it. We can’t wait for the next session. Let me know when it starts!
Thanks again!
— Susan, parent
When I picked Marco up last Wednesday, he said it was such a fun class. He asked how many times he would go.  When I told him 13 classes, ending in December he was so disappointed. He wished he could have it all year and more than once a week.  With just one class, my reluctant writer has become excited about writing!
— Roxanne, parent
I have been remiss in not thanking you specifically for Madelena’s wonderful camp experience.  I have let many of my friends know about the opportunity that “Take My Word for It!” offers.
— Michele, parent
My child’s teacher has a very calm yet warm character which makes the perfect environment for any creative art, especially writing and reading. A lot of the time we grown-ups tend to forget that writing is an art and not just a class curriculum. We appreciate the good time that Shirin had there and the pleasant outcome of it.
— Arsalan, parent
Thank you. You have truly and seriously inspired my daughter. She is writing constantly: songs, poems, stories. And she absolutely loves your class with a passion. I’ve never seen her that way about anything else at school...thank you so much!
— parent
”Take My Word For It’s” instructors create a learning environment for the kids that is safe and supportive which is so important because writing, and sharing your writing, can be risky and scary for kids.
— parent
...(my daughter’s) overall comfort with writing now has also resulted in a much greater ease completing writing assignments for school where she consistently achieves advanced scores.
— parent
My daughter LOVED your food writing for kids class. When I picked her up she jumped in the car and said “That was the best class ever!”. We will look forward more. Thank for such a great program.
— parent
My granddaughter, who typically has real difficulty focusing, all of a sudden decided she wanted to take creative writing after receiving a flier from school. The transformation has been unbelievable. She takes a journal with her frequently and is always jotting something down. Her creative juices have gone wild since taking this class and her reading comprehension has improved. Thanks to this class, she is now thinking about becoming a writer.
— grandparent