"Take My Word For It!" creative writing programs engage kids' imaginations while encouraging them to get to know their author-selves in a safe, supportive environment.

Find out more about how you can license our kid-tested, parent-approved creative writing program in your city and be the first to know when TMWFI licenses are available for purchase.


What is a TMWFI license?

Buying a TMWFI license is like buying a business in a box. We'll provide everything you need to run our creative writing programs, either as an instructor or a Program Director - from admin systems, to curriculum content, to registration software. Plus, you'll receive ongoing support from us as you develop your business.

Am I qualified?

Are you a parent, former or current educator or business professional interested in running a business that makes a difference? If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you're qualified! Through our program, you can help kids develop a love of writing that lasts a lifetime.

Do I need a teaching degree?

Not necessarily. Some of our licensees will be teachers. More importantly, though, they'll have experience with building relationships, marketing, customer service and possess a genuine enthusiasm for writing, education and kids!

Will I personally teach classes?

It depends. We are offering two types of licenses.

Solo Licensees are for those who want to teach all of the classes they s/he runs.

Director Licensees may teach some initial classes when they first launch their business, but with the goal of hiring, training and supervising a staff of teachers as the Program Director.


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