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Why Not Write Wednesday: Let's Hibernate

Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt encourages you to take up your pen and indulge your author self!

The weather has been chilly and there have been record snowfalls across the country.  Bears and other animals who hibernate are cuddled up in their dens sleeping the winter away. People don't hibernate but what if they did?

For today's writing prompt, imagine you are a person who hibernates and write about what happens when you awake from your long winter's nap. 

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Read it Here First - Found Poetry

TMWFI! Students at Dimond Park Library have been working with Sondra Hall to create Found Poetry. We hope you enjoy the imaginative poems they created from their found words as much as we do.



Read It Here First! 3rd Grade Poets at Commodore Sloat

Late in December we held our annual Poetry Reading at Commodore Sloat Elementary School in San Francisco. The audience of second graders was polite and quiet while the third grade poets shared their pieces.

Below is a selection of poems written during our Poetry Residency at Commodore Sloat. The students imagined what lives inside their hearts; personified peace; composed letters to animals, and even wrote about shoelaces! All in all, the works are a mixture of wild imagination, silliness and profound honesty - a true representation of childhood.

Sloan, Audrey, Julian, Mackenzie, Maya, Nathan and William reading their poems:


Ascend Oakland: "I am from here and I am from there"


Ascend Oakland: "I am from here and I am from there"

Our students at Ascend Elementary School in Oakland wrote and performed this group poem as part of December's Expo. Thanks to Oakland Leaf for running this great after-school program and for giving us the opportunity to work with these young writers!  (Note: The bold text at the beginning and end of the poem was said together as a group.)

Soy de aquí y soy de allá.

I am from here and I am from there.

 1. (Briceyda)

I am from a place where there is a lot of music

My mom is from Mexico and my dad is from Mexico too

Where there is lightning that turns the sky bright


2. (Sarah)

I am from Oakland.

My family is from Guatemala.

I am from the taste of lemons.


3. (Shantal)

I am from the game of tag and basketball

And from arts and crafts,

From calm music

Y pepinos con sal, limon, y chile


4. (Marlyn)

Soy de Oakland.

Soy de arte.

Mis padres son de Guatemala.

Me gusta el color verde.


5. (Lucas)

I am from a green house with bright colors:

Red, blue, white, brown, and pink.

We all live together:

Mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandma.


6.  (Xochitl)

I am from Oakland.

I am from my sister’s bedroom.

We came from a turquoise house.


7. (D’angelo)

I am from a blue house with lots of toys

My dad is from Honduras

My mom is from California

And we all love each other


8. (Amy)

Soy de Oakland California

My mom and dad are from Mexico

Se movieron en una brown house

Y después en una rosita casita


9. (Keyla)

I am from the sun.

My house is as bright as a rainbow.


10. (Nagely)

I am from Oakland.

My family is from El Salvador.

My niece is from El Salvador and Mexico.

The colors of El Salvador are Blue and White.

The colors of Mexico are red, white, and green.


11. (Karen)

Soy de Guatemala

Where the flag is blue and white.

Soy de Oakland

Where there are lots of buildings.

Soy de Ascend

Where there are many classes and kids. 


We are from here and we are from there.

Somos de aquí y somos de allá.

¡Somos Ascend!




Read It Here First: Bret Harte After School Expo

This semester we have been treated to some powerful writing by our students at Bret Harte in Oakland.  The student pieces have been thought provoking and well written.

Below are four pieces that were presented at the Bret Harte After School Expo. They just might convince you that we should let the children rule the world, at least for a little while.

Poem: "If I ruled the world" by Dustin

Opinion Writing: "Am I free or not?" by Ethan

Free Write: "Restriction and Liberation" by Calvin

Opinion Writing: "Are humans a virus on Earth?" by Steven



Inclusive Schools Week 2015: Sharing our Gifts

This week is Inclusive Schools Week and across the nation educators, students and parents are using the opportunity to celebrate how far we have come and explore what more we can do to include and educate all students, regardless of disability, race, gender, socio-economic status, language, cultural heritage or other factors.

On Monday, December 7th, San Francisco public schools held a kick off event on the steps of City Hall where dignitaries, educators, parents and students spoke about the importance of inclusion in their lives. "Take My Word For It!" was proud to have one of our students read a poem at this event. This year's ISW theme is "sharing our gifts" and we hope many students can use the gift of poetry to get them through the hard times in life.

Patrick reading a poem at City Hall that he wrote during a "Take My Word For It!" in-school poetry residency at his elementary school.