All it took was a one word prompt. The word was "sad". Here's what Kyra wrote.

Sad things:

Storm clouds, road kill, rain, funerals, war, cold, lonely, death, broken pencils, blue.

What people do when they're sad:

Cry, go to therapy, hoard, mope, pick up strange habits, pretend to be happy, eat.

Ways to be happy:

Do yoga, take a bath, sing, dance, make bracelets, dance, draw, watch a movie, bake a cake, go shopping, write, go on a road trip, play volleyball, call friends, throw a party, sneak out, fall in love, catch a butterfly, paint your nails, read girl magazines, take a picture, start a blog, create an alter ego, do something nice for someone else, wear a dress for no reason, buy new underwear, paint your room, pick flowers, make a friend, hold a baby, go outside barefoot, hang out with your family, eat chocolate, solve a riddle, play a card game, write a letter and don't send it, buy a cute lamp, buy expensive water bottles and refill them until they break, pretend to be environmentally friendly, clean something, steal your Dad's baggy T-shirts, read a boring book just to say you read it, wear sunglasses indoors, memorize every rap song you know, go swimming, exercise, eat a health bar in front of people, do something with your hair, travel, learn how to drive, play music way too loud, make a list, count something.