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The Mother of all Kid's Summer Reading Lists...

What better way to tempt your kids away from the screens of many varieties, and the siren songs they sing, than with a list of captivating books to read!

NPR has done us all a great service by enumerating 100 of the best ones for kids, ages 9 - 14. Here's how they describe their picks:"The final 100 has a little bit of everything: tales of trying to fit in, escaping to magical lands, facing prejudice, coming of age and fighting to survive. There are animal stories, pioneer sagas, science-fiction adventures and, of course, beloved classics..."

There is a .pdf version that you can print out and have on hand, or on your mobile phone, when you set off for the library or the bookstore.

For more background on how the books were chosen and for more info on NPR's Backseat Book Club for Kids, visit