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Why Not Write Wednesday: A Camping Adventure

Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt challenges you to pick up your pen and indulge your author self! 

Today's writing prompt is about camping.  Have you ever gone on a camping trip? What was it like? Imagine you are going to take a trip to the wilderness for a few days.  Write a descriptive story about the things you seehear and smell on your wilderness adventure.

Write about where you will set up camp. Will your tent be in a rustic spot in the middle of a forest or in a field of green grass?  Who will join you on this camping trip, will it be a large group, a few special people or would you go alone?  Would you come across any wild animals or have to deal with stormy weather?  Take us along on your adventure and tell us what happens next!

Share with us! Post your story in the comments section of our blog.