Take a look at some of the fabulous food-themed writing our 3rd-5th grade students are cooking up in their after school classes at Walt Disney Elementary in San Ramon! 


Odes to Food

Aarushi C: 


The world's joy

is popping

in the microwave.

Butter in my mouth.

Popping in my brain.

Anjali K:

You, dried mango, are the heart of my mouth. Yellow, dried, and sweetness, you fill me. You are a dried fruit that tastes like delicious sweetness in my mouth. You are as sweet as candy. I want to eat you whole like nothing I've ever tasted.

Maison E:

Oh apples

you are so juicy

like a sweet, juicy

pumpkin. Apples are a rosy red rose.

I want to fill my mouth

with apples

sweet juicy


Oh apples

you are so sweet

almost everyone

likes or loves


Sometimes you

are sweet.

Do you like


I sure do!


Aarushi C: 

Icy the Ice Cream Sandwich & Her Best Friend Daniella the Date

One day they decided to go on a walk. So that day they packed their gear , like five water bottles, two pairs of shoes, new clothes, and a GPS, and also a lot, and I mean a lot, of food. After they were done packing they started to walk. They saw something different! There was a lake with bushes and trees.

Icy the Ice Cream Sandwich said, "Why are't there any animals here?"

Then Daniella the Date said, "Probably they don't enjoy this place."

"You're right, I guess so." Then they kept walking happily onto a spooky, creepy mountain. 


Similes and Metaphors 

Aiden M:

The potato chip made me think of a picnic. The potato chip is salty. The potato chip is salty like the sea. Jello is jiggly like a trampoline. Bubblegum is bubbly like bubbles. The corn on the cob is juicy. Fried chicken is as juicy as an apple.

"Last night I imagined that my dinner cam alive."

Aiden M:

Last night I imagined that my dinner came alive and the foods went on an adventure together. They told me they wanted to play games with me. So we did. He also told me that his name was Mr. Steak. Then I ate Mr. Steak. It was like heaven, eating him. 

In "I Am From" poems writers describe "where they're from" in terms of foods, memories, places, people.etc.

Anjali K:

I am from swimming in wavy,

cool water. I am from the smell of sweet

rasmalai in the air. I am from dog books. 

I am from my dad going to poker games.

I am from mystery books to read.

I am from my birthday in the

beautiful summer winds.

I am from art class.

I am from cooking at home.

Kara L:

I Am From

I am from peace signs bright colorful

and waking up at 6:45am.

6:45 dark out. Don't want to wake up.

I am from having apples for dessert,

sweet juicy apples.

Going to school, seeing my friends,

having Chinese food for dinner, pot stickers

hot. I burnt my tongue.

Going to bed under 1 million warm and cozy blankets.

I am from my dad coming home late at the

dark 7:00pm.

I am from taking showers every morning,

stealing all the hot water.

I am from going to Kid's Country

that is not very far from my house.

I am from having to do homework

almost every day.

But I love homework, so I don't

get bored at home. I am from hearing

my dad snore really loud. I am also from my mom telling 

me to do my piano practice and gymnastics practice.

I am from not wanting to go to bed but then

wanting to go to bed.

"If I could turn into a food for one day..."

Christine O:

If I could turn into a food for one day, I would become something uncommon because then I wouldn't get eaten up. I would feel comfortable sitting there all day. I wouldn't even get hungry because I am a food. I might get thirsty. I would become something like cookie crumbs. But maybe the person who ate the cookie put the crumbs in a napkin and threw it away. Maybe I'll get put in a dumpster. Maybe I'll be a piece of rice and stick onto somebody's shirt and I'll get washed up. That's a horrible food. Being something uncommon might be hard, but it's perfect for me.


Students write about themselves as if they were a recipe for a special dish.

Isabella C:

Recipe for Me

2 lbs of beauty

17 oz friendship

3 oz chocolate-lover

2 cups of lava cake mix

9 lbs sugar

First you get a pink and white striped bowl.

Second you melt the 2 pounds of beauty and chop it in the bowl.

Then you put the chocolate-lover in the bowl.

Fourth, you put some sugar and lava cake mix and the 17 ounces of frienship.

Last, blend them up and put it in the oven for 350 degrees. When you hear the beep, you take it out and wait for it to cool down. Then you reach for some fresh milk in the fridge and get what we made, and eat it.

Julia S:

Recipe of Me


100 pounds of craziness

100 pounds of humorous

Million tons of love

332 bones

80 pounds of blood

10 pounds of hair

100 pounds of skin and other stuff on you.


1. Get a bowl and put everything in, and stir.

2. Put in the oven and turn to 100 degrees F for 10 hours.

3. Take out and ta-dah! Julia comes out!

4. Take care of her.

5. Love her.

6. Do everything she wants.

Andrew M: 

Recipe for Andrew

10,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of awesomeness

8 cups of adventure

6 pints of speed

2 eyeballs

100 quarts of empathy

3 cups mint

4 pancakes

8 pounds of friendship

3 pounds of awesome guy

2 Uranus rocks

Combine awesomeness, speed, adventure, mint, friendship, empathy, 2 pancakes, and awesome guy, and mix it in a blender till it's smooth. Then put it into an extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra large bowl. Put it in the oven at 1,000,000 degrees F. Keep in oven for 365 days. Then, fly to Uranus and grab 2 rocks and chuck them into the sun. Then go back to Earth and go to a volcano. Let it erupt. Then add the eyeballs. Ta-da! You made an Andrew! Serve with pie.

Food comparison and description

Julia S:

The tortilla chip is light brown and looks like it has freckles.

Kara L:

Fudge is like mud, and it tastes like chocolatey potato chips. It's as smooth as a shampoo bottle of Dove.

Olivia H:

Potato Chips

1. The chip is as rough as a 

sandy, rocky beach

at a rough ocean sea.

2. It is as golden white as a 

young sheep's fleece.

3. It's as greasy as the song 

"Greased Lightning" from the movie Grease.

Students write about trying a food for the first time

Maison E:

Good Cherries! & Bad Cherries!

I was scared of cherries so I never ate them until I was four years old. I had them in a fruit salad. Then I tried one and my taste buds popped out! Then I had another one and another and another. They were red. They were so good. Now every time I see cherries on sale I buy them and eat them.

Students write a letter to a food

Olivia H:

Dear Seaweed,

        You are soooo good. I mean, every time I have you, you always remind me of Hawaii, when I am going to snorkle. I love Hawaii! I mean, it is all I have ever dreamed of. I went in kindergarten and I'm going this summer. Well, you remind me of the sea grass, seaweed. It's green and salty, just like you. I love seaweed!

PS. I'm going to be a marine biologist.