Our mission at "Take My Word For It!" is to help kids write, but perhaps more importantly, to encourage kids to find their own voices and accept themselves just as they are. In keeping with that goal, these TMWFI kids were asked to draw and describe themselves in a self portrait. Title: Outer Space Self Portrait Excerpt: "I am unique because I have brown eyes and black slicked hair...I want to be seen as somebody brave, strong, and talented, who never gives up." -Matt










Title: Self Portrait Excerpt: "I want more time for self portraits and the world." -Lyla










Title: Self Portrait Excerpt: "What makes me distinct is my freckles and my kindness because I love to help out. When I grow up I want to be an animator, an artist, a writer, or president." -Emilia











Title: Me Excerpt: "Me: my smile is the widest smile. My hair is to my shoulders, my freckles...I want to be an artist and author." -Hedy











Title: Madelyn

Excerpt: "I am changing. Year and year, day and day, becoming smarter and more athletic."-Madelyn





Title: Don, don, don

Excerpt: "I change all the time... I change by my style and personality." -Julia









Title: Score 100,000

Excerpt: "I want people to see me as funny, smart, good at games, and a good writer."




Title: Oliver

Excerpt: "What makes me distinct is that my eyes change color. I want people to see me as smart, adventurous, and brave."-Oliver








Title: My Animal Friends

Excerpt: "I am me because no one else in the world talks like me, sounds like me, no one else acts like me, and loves animals just as much as I love animals. -Kaitlyn










Title: Self Portrait Outer Space

Excerpt: "I imagine myself in college as tall and athletic. And I want to study to be a scientist/inventor." -Sean






Title: I Love New York

Excerpt: "I would like to become an artist and musician...I think my culture and my singing voice make me distinct." -Mila







Title: Self Portrait

Excerpt: "I want to help protect the animals. I love  animals." -Iona










Title: Dinosaur Land and Epic Land

Excerpt: "What makes me me is I like the world (and I like to eat candy and pizza)." -Kyra