Today we discussed the relationship between dreams and creation myths, focusing specifically Aboriginal and Native American cultures. Students watched a video, read explanations of the myths and then discussed them before writing their own myths. While they were very proud of their work, many were reticent to share them on the blog today because a number of them will be reading these pieces at the reading/exhibition tomorrow afternoon. These excerpts were taken directly from the dream journals of three students:  



I was sleeping in my bed in my dream and I don’t really know how this happened, but in my dream, I dreamed that I fell off my bed and that everything started spinning. 

I was Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We were fighting the Triceratons (which are basically Triceratops on tow feet). We were trying to defeat their imaginary leader, Traximus.



Monday night I dreamt that I called up my friends and the next day me and my six friends rode to Stonestown Galleria for free ice cream. It was Alessandra, Sohila, Riong, Faith, Praise and Michelle. On the way back, we got eaten by a cabbage. Too bad for him, we ate our way out. Next, we were surrounded by carrots. We also ate them up. Next were squashes. They exploded on us then we were gunked with squash juice. We turned around and headed out the other way and everyone slept over at my house. The next morning, I saw a thing that had donkey legs and a tail, an eggplant head, a cabbage body, a carrot neck and olive eyes. Then I woke up.


I dreamed that I was frozen in a giant cube of Jello and I could not get out. Then my brothers, Jonas and Jasper were going to eat me and the Jello, but the Jello wasn’t locked, so I got out and became a giant. 

I dreamed that I was in my house and three giant furry monsters were playing cards.

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In the afternoon we talked about Aborigine dreams and looked at examples of their traditional dot art. We sketched  ideas and then each student painted a piece depicting a favorite animal:
Isabella did a jellyfish, Madeline did a tiger, Emily painted a dolphin, Calla a spiral/snake, Emil a dragonfly, Elizabeth did a polar bear, Emogene painted a turtle, Eli a panther, Titus did a lizard and other animal, and Junior painted an entwined snake and lizard. The results are awesome!


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