We are based in the Bay Area, so our after school classes are all taught in and around the East Bay, the South Bay and San Francisco. Most of our classes are for 2nd - 5th graders. Below is a list of schools where we currently teach:

East Bay:

Thornhill Elementary (grade 2-3)
Thornhill Elementary (grades 3-5)
Havens Elementary (grades 3-5)
Joaquin Miller Elementary (grades 3-5)
Chabot Elementary (grades 2-3)
Park Day School (grades 4-6)
Redwood Heights Elementary (grades 3-5)
Walt Disney Elementary - San Ramon (grades 4-5)
Crocker Highlands Elementary (grades 3-5)
Montclair Elementary (3 - 5)

San Francisco:

Commodore Sloat
Commodore Sloat Poetry Residency
Katherine Delmar Burke School
Grattan Elementary (grades 2- 5)
Sunset Elementary (grades 3-5)
West Portal Lutheran (grades 4-6)
Rooftop Elementary
18 Reasons