The Dust of One Hundred Dogs                                                              
by A.S. King

A legendary teen pirate queen named Emer is cursed to live one hundred lives as a dog, with all her memories intact. Over the next 3 centuries, Emer travels all over this planet in the form of a poodle, a labrador, a chihuahua, and many other breeds as well.

Then she is incarnated as a pretty teen named Saffron, who is considered a genius due to her prior knowledge and experience. She works at McDonalds and lives with her dysfunctional family in a beat up, rusty old trailer. After seventeen years of enduring her drug addicted brother, alcoholic father, and her mother who is convinced that sending Saffron to college could solve all of her financial and social problems, Saffron decides to locate her buried treasure.

Clare's Review:

This book had so much potential I could cry. In fact, if there had been more detail about Emer's lives as the different dogs, and also about her life as a human, this book would have been wonderful. As it was, this novel was barely okay. The plot was a fantastic idea, if it had only been carried out better....oh well. On the other hand, I liked the characters, but they lacked definition. I especially liked the Frenchman. The lecherous old fool, he was really well planned out.


Clare Schuett is 13 and lives in Sebastopol California. She is a lover of books and a voracious reader. She reviews YA books, prior to their publication, for the American Library Association. We have the privilege of posting her reviews on our blog.