Clare Recommends:

Absolutely Maybe

by Lisa Yee

When Maybelline "Maybe" Chestnut's mother chooses another creeptacular boyfriend over her, Maybe decides to find her real father, the one man Chessy never married. With her two friends Hollywood, the film geek, and Ted, the drama queen, Maybe travels across the country, from Kissimee to Los Angeles trying to find her own happily ever after.

Clare's review

I absolutely loved this book. The author incorporates love, family life, drama, beauty school, poverty, and tacos really well. In the beginning, when Maybe gets molested, you can't help wanting to kill the guy. And after, when Chessy doesn't believe her, you just get so mad. But when the beauty school students are sent to a spelling bee instead of a beauty contest, I laughed sooooo hard. When Maybe  finally gets to California and meets Jess, the Taco Girl, things start to look up. The whole story is lighthearted and funny, in my opinion, a really good read, with a totally unexpected twist in the end. 

Fantabulous cover. I love the way Maybe is lying on the star where the really famous movie stars stick their feet or hands into. I also love Maybe's hair. It is really pink!!!


Clare Schuett is 13 and lives in Sebastopol California. She is a lover of books and a voracious reader. She reviews YA books, prior to their publication, for the American Library Association. We have the privilege of posting her reviews on our blog.


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