Clare Recommends:

Bloody Jack

By: L.A. Meyer

Young and orphaned, little Mary Faber joins a local London gang when the plague tears her family apart. She learns to swindle and steal, beg and fight. But when the chance arises to leave this life along with all the sad memories that came with it, she seizes it. Now, disguised as “Jacky” Faber, Ship’s Boy on the HMS Dolphin , must deal with the crew, her blossoming secret, and her growing attraction to fellow Ship’s Boy Jamie Fletcher.

Clare's Review:

Quality: 5 Stars (out of five)

      Bloody Jack is a series every girl must read. Romance, adventure, and accurate historical facts, this is the perfect summertime read. Jacky is a strong, stubborn heroin, and the intriguing plot will keep you enthused from beginning to end. The author’s expert hand deftly weaves a melody tight and suspenseful, but lenient and funny all the while. The quick pace carries the plot through thick and thin, there is never a stall in the story. The characters are so lovable, or easily hated depending on their role. You will find yourself gnashing your teeth in a few parts, there is as much bad as there is good on the Dolphin. It is a fantastic novel, and the best part is, the series only gets better. I read the entire thing in under two weeks, and now I am sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next book. 


Clare Schuett is 13 and lives in Sebastopol California. She is a lover of books and a voracious reader. She reviews YA books, prior to their publication, for the American Library Association. We have the privilege of posting her reviews on our blog.


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