Clare Recommends:

Children of the Lamp: The Eye of the Forest  

by P.B. Kerr                                                                                          

The fifth book in the Children of the Lamp Series, John and Philippa Gaunt, along with their uncle Nimrod embark on a journey through the Amazon trying to recover stolen Incan artifacts, and discover a world threatening plot while they do so.

Clare's review

As I said, this is the fifth book in the popular series The Children of the Lamp. When John and Philippa First discover their powers, they do not realize what they are.  Over time, they are taught how to use and control these powers, granting wishes for mundanes.  In this book, their adventures lead them to the Amazon jungle, where they must find and return ancient Incan artifacts that were stolen several months ago for mysterious purposes. Now, while fighting off dead Incan kings, hundred foot long snakes and possessed panthers, the Djin and their butler plus their native guides discover an otherworldly plot that's purpose I can't quite remember.

The cover is one of the best I've seen so far in the series. The contrast between the colors, the detail, and, of course, the subject matter all reach out to grab the potential readers interest.


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