Clare Recommends:

King of The Screwups                                                                             

by K.L. Going

Liam Geller is The King of The Screwups. He screws everything up. He even screws up at screwing up. His father is the CEO of a huge company, and his mother is a retired model whose face and figure is known across the planet. One day, Liam screws up, and his father kicks him out. He goes to live with his gay Glam-Rock uncle, Aunt Pete, in a trashed trailer park in upstate New York. Now he works to become as unpopular as possible, trying to become someone his father can be proud of. But his uncle and neighbor sees him as someone else, and Liam has to decide who he truly is.

Clare's review

This book was awesome. I was in hysterics the entire time it took me to read it. What made it great though, was that for all its giggles, it actually had some depth. There was fashion, romance, parties, fashion, Glam-Rock, and even a little bit about the gay community. And did I mention the fashion?  In the beginning, when Liam was kicked out, I immediately got the sense of what type of person his father was. I disliked him from the very first chapter. Also, when we met the uncle, Aunt Pete, I was totally aware of the tension between him and Liam from the first words that were exchanged between them. Another touch I thought was great were the flashbacks. Especially on the first page. It had me cringing. I thought those built up the background and really gave you the feel of what was going on. My favorite part was the fashion show in the store window. That would have been hilarious to see. All in all, this was one of the best books I've read yet this year, it was definitely worth the read.

The cover was O.K, though I think it could have been better. Maybe a designer shirt tied to a flagpole in front of a trailer. Or maybe that red dress. Something along those lines would be good. A bit more color too. The cover should leap out, for this is not a book that anyone should willingly pass.


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