This fall, young writers in 3rd and 4th grade at Mill Creek Elementary in Geneva, Illinois became part of a secret writing society and entered the world of all things untold! We had a wonderful time exploring and writing about all kinds of secrets - secret codes, secret identities, secret recipes and more. Here are some of their writing projects - click on each picture to see the work in his/her own writing!

During "Secret Recipes", students came up with their own recipe of themselves by thinking of themselves as an ingredient list. They shared what makes them special in terms of ingredients like personality, talents, likes, etc.!

Recipe of Me by Olivia

We talked about characters that have secret identities (like Clark Kent/Superman), and how these characters change from their "ordinary" selves to their super-human selves. The students created their own character with a secret identity, then created imaginative stories about those characters!


Pickles and Boo by Aggie


Darth Starkiller A.K.A Master Ark! by Nikita

"He is the Padwan of Darth Ren. He has a blue and red light saber. He would have an oxygen mask on. And he has a gray face and has no hair, beard or mustache. Also, he has a giant scar on the right side of his face. Darth Starkiller turns off his red light saber and takes off his oxygen mask and turns it off. Also, he turns of a special computer on his chest so he would be able to breathe. Also, he is hunting a Jedi named Ajjaie Ventress. Later he finds Darth Ren choking Ajjaie Ventress and he gets his light saber and fights Darth Ren but at the last second his robot arm was chopped off and his computer was damaged and he couldn't breathe and was thrown off the 1,000 story building!!!!!!!!"


Mill Creek Elementary Writers!