Over the past few months, our 3rd, 4th & 5th graders at Benito Juarez Elementary in Richmond, California took their inspiration from letter writing (to their future selves), Mad Libs, portraiture and more! Sample some of their work below!

Students wrote from a prompt: "When I woke up this morning..." (work from Alondra, Chris D. & Abdiel)

Students "painted a portrait" - with words AND drawing! (Work from Ximena, Nataly & Rem)

Students wrote letters to themselves - in the future. (Work from Victor, Eli, Diego & Celeste)

Students wrote 10 interesting things about themselves, then chose one to turn into a story (Work from Shanae, Supreet & Itzel - 2 parts)

Students explored "Things I Know to Be True" (Work from Miguel & Christopher C.)