Here are a few imaginative excerpts from our TMWFI! students at Thornhill Elementary. 

My Secret Is

My secret is made from the footsteps on the stairs,

the shadows on the windowsill of faces

The noises I hear around the room, of silent screams

I found it lying under the bed

waiting for me to take it

and hold it with me.



The New Home

Moving houses was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to stay in our old home with the warm red walls and the nice orange carpets. With the smell of fresh peaches and warm cinnamon muffins.

But now, I was stepping into a cold house with lime green walls, a rough brown carpet and instead of a nice peach-cinnamon muffin smell, there was that new paint-garage smell.


Ice Cream Dream

The Ice-Cream Dream flavor has been invented by award winning cook, April Y. Ear. It comes in any possible flavor you could ever wish for, and if you eat it right before bed, you will have amazing dreams. The ice-cream also comes in Ice-cream Dream Sandwiches and Ice-cream Dream Sundaes.


I Am Found

I am found in a lightless world, a fearful world, a dead world.