Every Wednesday this summer our creative writing prompt encourages you to take up your pen and write in your journal. So go ahead, indulge your author self!

Did you know that the last week of June is "National Camping Week"?

Write a paragraph or poem about camping using as many sensory details as possible. (If you haven't ever been camping, imagine what it would be like to sleep outside.) Write about where you would want to pitch a tent, and why. What would you need to bring? Will your car be packed to the gills with supplies, or are you a minimalist - needing just a sleeping bag, a pillow and ingredients to make S'mores? What are you going to do once you get to the great outdoors? Write about a real or imaginary camping adventure - don't forget to describe the marshmallows and the campfire!

To finish off this journal entry, draw a picture of the camping trip you just imagined.

Share with us! Post your journal entry in the comments section of our blog. Have a creative summer!