Did you know that "Take My Word For It!" 's theme for the month of April is Simile & Metaphor?

These are like spices that will add flavor to your writing! They're easy to use, and fun to create!

Here's a quick definition:

metaphor: A figure of speech comparing two unlike things.

example: Mary is such a fast runner. She's a cheetah!

simile: A figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as.

example: You don't want to go outside today, it's as hot as an oven!

 Here's a challenge to get your fingers tickling the keyboard: write a metaphor or simile describing the season SPRING.


The most captivating metaphor or simile will be entered in our drawing to win a fabulous word game! Write your most creative metaphor or simile and send it along with your name and age to wordincubator@gmail.com