Our beloved Peanut Butter & the Pen quarterly community class and is now a series of weekly after-school classes at 18 Reasons taught by Claire Rawlins. Our meaty metaphors and saucy similes served as the perfect after-school snack - see for yourself!

Karam’s Alliteration:

“Roast chicken rushes right off the rim of the real plate right into my tummy.”


Mady’s Recipe of Me:

            “1 piece of rock salt which means your life is full of flavor

            3 dill pickles which mean everything to me

            1 oxilion olive which I love


            15 lemons

            75 cups of Judaism

            100 lbs of little

            2,000,000,000,000,000 cups of happiness.”

  food writing for kids

 Kaya’s Ode to the Potato Chip: 

            “You are crispy and salty

            like day breaking into night

            like a swan hitting the surface

            of the water after a long flight.

            You are waiting to crack and

            tell me your story, your accent

            is from tears, waiting to break free

            of the bag. Alas, I seize you in my hand.

            You are the center of my mind.”

  food writing for kids

Anaïs’s food love letter:

            “A chocolate cake is like crunchy, happy cherries.”

  food writing for kids

Ninive’s food love letter:

            “Dear Chocolate,

            It melts in my mouth.

            You are tasty. You have

            sugar and I love sugar.

            I love you because you

            are CHOCOLATE”

  food writing for kids

Ally’s Adjectives:

“I love fish and chips. Fish and chips are so crunchy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside and it tastes delicious in soy sauce which is salty and sour.”

food writing for kids