Check out some of the scrumptious work our talented young writers concocted at last Saturday's "Peanut Butter and the Pen" food writing lab!


Food similes and metaphors:

 From Eliza:

TMWFI Peanut Butter and the Pen_Tatye and Mila 2 "The cracking of the chips was like the sound of a thick twig being broken by feisty, impatient hands."

"The chocolate was bittersweet. It tasted optimistic and cocky at the same time."

"Hunger snaked up my body like a slippery game of tug-of-war."

From Tayte:

"The strawberry was as red as a bursting heart."

From Mila:

"The strawberry's blood red color burst into the world."


"Specialty-Me" Recipes - What are you made of?

Noah's Specialty-Me
From Noa:

  1. Add 8 oz. of school to 5 tsp. of math.
  2. Mix well.
  3. 3 oz. of fun as well as 9 tsp. of helpful.
  4. A sprinkle of writing with just a dash of chocolate should be mixed with 10 cups of family.
  5. Drop into one pot and let rise.
  6. After it rises, bake for about 10 mins. until golden brown.
  7. At the end, arrange some sister and soccer on top.
  8. (Very nice to serve some Feliza on the side).

Serve on special occasions.

TMWFI Peanut Butter and the Pen_Noa and Eliza

From Eliza:

  1. Mince smartness and caramelize great voice. Mix.
  2. Put in lavender, best fruzzie and reading.
  3. Put aside and take out athlete and horses and kindness and caramelize.
  4. Bake older sister, soccer, and green.
  5. Mix everything and stick happiness and ice cream in.
  6. Boil with lots of butter and frost in razzberry and chocolate icing.
  7. Put on compassion and slice it.


Couldn't make it Saturday? Feel free to contribute your own writing in our comments section!