"Take My Word For It!" offers a series of food writing classes called "Peanut Butter and the Pen"at 18 Reasons, a community food education space in San Francisco. (www.18reasons.org.)

Yesterday was our first class of the season. We had a grand old time learning about metaphor, simile and descriptive adjectives and then writing about food - first from color photographs and then using the real thing!

The kids selected from a variety of fresh foods purchased from Bi-Rite Market (18 Reasons is owned by them) and ate (slowly and very consciously, taking tiny bites) dates, yogurt, apples, chocolate chips, pickles, potato chips and sharp cheddar cheese and then wrote about their taste experience.

We then divided the group into pairs and each pair created their own dynamic duo of characters based on food. Brad Broccolini and Maude Melon anyone?

Our next food writing class for kids is scheduled for February 12, 2011.




Here's an adventure written by Mitchell and Maximilian, 3rd graders:

Paple Apple and Pear Penguin

Paple Apple is a green apple and Pear Penguin is a penguin.  They both live in an igloo. Pear Penguin likes to eat fish. Paple Apple likes to eat apple seeds. One day in the forest Paple came upon Penguin and he siad, "Snow ball fight!"

They fought and fought for a stamp and a coin. After they fought they gave a tour and bet all of their coins. They would win by getting the most penguins. But they both got the same amount of penguins.

Then they went to the sled race. But it still was a tie and we both beat Hot Wheels 85. We went fishing but we both got 1,000 fish so it was still a tie.

Then they were both tired of betting. So they agreed to stop betting. Later on they went to a play and played checkers. Then they were friends forever.

To be continued...

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