"Take My Word For It!" is joining the Creative Everyday Challenge, and encourages you to, too!

Ced2011logo Leah Piken Kolidas started Creative Everyday in 2008 to inspire herself and others to stay creatively fit by expressing themselves often and sharing their art, writing, crafts, and everything inbetween! Leah's call for creativity inspires us, and we hope she will get you excited about staying creatively active everyday, too!

As Leah says, "creative" can mean almost anything, and whether you're writing or building a sandcastle, making something big or something small, being creative is a fun and meaningful way to make something and call it your own. Create at home or create at school, create by yourself or create with your parents...Just keep at it, because the best part of creativity is there are no rules!

You can check out her site and join the challenge at CreativeEveryDay.com, and be sure to look out for links to our own budding young authors' work every Monday on the Creative Everyday blog!