Writers talk about experiencing the characters they create as alive. They hear them speak; they feel their presence and feel as if they "live" with their characters while writing their story.

In the new movie, "Ruby Sparks", (screenplay by Zoe Kazan) Calvin is a one-hit wonder novelist, who wrote a best-seller at age 19. Now, 10 years later, he has a serious case of writer's block. When inspiration finally hits, he begins to write about his ultimate dream girl, whom he names Ruby. After writing all night, he awakens the next morning to find her in his kitchen making eggs, acting as if the two of them have been involved in a perfect relationship forever. However, there's one special quirk to this pair: Calvin has the power to change Ruby's moods, what she says and her behavior through his typewriter. This tale of the writer and his muse-come-to-life unfolds in a novel and thought-provoking way.