Ready for our creative writing camps to hit San Francisco and the East Bay?

Emma, Nina, Arielle, Hannele & EsmeFor many of you, this was the last week of school. Goodbye spelling tests, goodbye grammar tests, and goodbye vocabulary tests.

But goodbye words?!? Think again!! Get ready for a wet, wild, and juicy summer with "Take My Word For It!" as we go swimming around in our imaginations, take a few refreshing dips into some ink, and find hidden treasures in unsual places!

While some of our camps focus primarily on creative writing, many of our camps this year fuse both writing and art! With themed weeks where we'll explore the art of letter writing with rubber stamps, investigate and record our dreams, write about scrumptious foods, and more, we're just as eager as you are to get started!

Visit the Summer Camp page on our website and find all the details on schedules, pricing, locations and more!