Campers at our private "Take Flight!" camp in San Mateo learned about the art of flying, Amelia Earhart and composed a letter that Ms. Earhart may have written. (Click on each writing sample to read a larger version.)

Sometimes, inspiration comes from far away places.

As a part of the art program, campers learned about creation, observation and revision.

On a “gallery walk”, the group looked at dioramas done by fellow campers. Instructor Angela asked the campers to point out interesting elements in other people’s work – be it paper folding, colors or layering. Afterwards, when asked if anyone wanted to work more on their own piece, all campers raised their hands.

The campers began mapmaking after discussing Amelia Earhart.


One of our favorite moments of a session is hearing young writers read their work. Click on each photo to see a larger version of each author presenting to the group.