Take a look at some of the outstanding work our students did yesterday at our camp in Lafayette!

Our theme for the week is Dreams. This writing is from a writing activity where the kids imagined (daydreamed) a walk through the forest where they find a key, a cup, a meadow, a dwelling, etc. The way they describe each thing they find tells us something symbolic about them, as symbols in our night time dreams do.

The books they're holding are their writing journals that they collaged and made into their personal dream journal.


Andrew Andrew describing “the path”:

I saw a green bumpy path and walked on it, but it moved! It was a gator!





Suah's collage Suah

Suah describing “the cup”:

Later along the path I find a cup. Not plastic, but metal. It had these beautiful designs that made the cup look like it was an ancient piece of artwork.



Betsy Betsy describing “the cup”:

I see a cup. The sort of cup that they would serve at a rundown bar at the corner of town.




Genie Genie describing “the meadow”:

I walk into the meadow, pick some flowers, and trudge along my way, a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a golden key and cup in the other.



Seung-ju Seung-ju describing “the key”:

And on the path there is a key to a door. It is golden and has a symbol of a tree.




Ruby Ruby describing “the cup”:

I see something sparkling glass. It is covered in dirt and moss.