Today we continued to explore persona and identity. The students wrote Persona Poems following a template and made masks to go with them. They also wrote Letters to their Future Selves!


Andy: about Justin Bieber’s persona


I understand that you might not like me.

I say that I am good at singing.

I dream that I’m the best singer.

I try to sing good.

I hope that I don’t get a cracked voice.

I am cool and nice.


SJ: from Iron Man to Hulk


I understand that he is stronger.

I say that I am stronger.

I dream that I am strongest.

I try to hold a building.

I hope I am strongest.

I am brave and strong.


Genie: sister to a sister


I pretend that I’m a princess or a singer

I feel a comforting and warm hand.

I touch my dress, my hair, and my face.

I worry about my lost library book.

I cry when I hurt myself or am sick.

I am adventurous and curious.


Suah: Letter to self


I honestly think that all the stuff I need is already with me. I have a family, an education, a future, and a heart. I feel that though I might not have everything I want, I feel like I don’t need anything more or less because all the things I need are already with me.


Ruby: letter to self


I think war should end because it just some silly idea and people get hurt.