Hello parents!

This blog is to keep you informed about what's going on in camp - because, as we all have experienced, sometimes our kids don't tell us very much about what they did all day!

As I think most of you know, the theme of the week is "Dream It Up," where we will be swimming around in our imaginations, dipping into our dreams, and then picking up a paintbrush and pen to record what we find.


We had a blast at camp yesterday! Take a look at some of the great pics we got, and a few writing samples below:




Below see Naomi and Calla's dreams/nightmares and Elizabeth's dream for herself...

By Coochie (Naomi)

My family took me to Palm Springs. When we got back, we visited my aunt, Rita. Then my parents left me and my sister, went home and adopted two more kids. Then my aunt died and we got sent to an orphanage in Japan.


By Calla


I went to a science museum and I went into a room with three skeletons. One of them was a shark, one of them was an alligator and one of them was a lion. I went into the room and then there was a flood and all of the animals became real. They chased me out of the room. Once I was outside, they turned back into skeletons.


By Elizabeth


When I grow up I want to be a pastry chef. I want to live in San Francisco and one place I would like to travel to is Spain. For middle school, I want to go to AP Gianene. For high school, I want to go to Lowell. For college, I want to go to UC Santa Cruz.


Then, our afternoon of art started with a paint exploration mixing colors, spattering, stamping and rolling paint to create a cover for each student's sketchbook. After the cover was dry each student punched holes in paper securing their sketchbook with a rubber band and a twig. Throughout the week your child will be sketching their ideas. Sewing and stuffing a Dream Pillow with a pocket to for a dream message was our next project. Some of the students completed their pillow and we will have time tomorrow for those that didn't. Students also started a mural that they will add to this week.

For those of you not enrolled in camp this summer, it's never too late to sign up! Find more infor on the Summer Camp page of our website!