Here are some of the beautiful writing samples from camp yesterdays morning!

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(Pencil Dream. Personification Exercise.)

If a pencil had a dream it would probably be of drawing because that is what they do best. If I were a pencil I would have a dream about being a pencil and being a pencil is quite easy because you just stand there and do nothing at all, but, if someone picks you up you will start drawing and you will draw a picture of a plane or a car or a grinder and lots of things. If a pencil has a nightmare, it would probably dream of getting its tip broken or not being able to draw.



(Excerpt from exercise in which the students attempted to write stories that bore no resemblance to reality.)

There I was, lying in my bed, thinking about how normal my life was as Catherine Davis. I wanted something different to happen. I got out of bed to take a shower and go to school. As I looked in the mirror, it turned red and orange and spun and sucked me into a different dimension where I was a fairy and giants were going through the portal. I tried to stop them but they pushed me. A big man fairy told me to go with him and he brought me to a little tree that was hollow.



(Pencil Dream. Personification Exercise.)

1. If a pencil had a dream it would probably be about dreaming of how many times t got sharpened in one day or being back at the store. Maybe being a pen.

2. The pencil dreamed about being back at the store in a box with all of his pencil friends. He broke out and tried to leave but a little kid found him and left the store with him in his pocket.



(Spaghetti Nightmare. Personification exercise.)

I’m spaghetti and I have nightmares. Nightmares that are strong. I’m put in a pot with boiling water, wishing I had a flight gear, a flight gear to fly out of the pot. I’m afraid that it will kill me by cooking, cooking in a pot that’s nice and hot. But once I’m taken out of the package, I want to scream and yell, for I know I’m going to be boiled, boiled on a flaming hot grill.

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(The Glasses Dream. Personification)

One night I dreamed that my owner was going to run in a race. At the race, he started to run and at the middle, I fell off and he stepped on me and I went flying to the middle of the ocean. A shark ate me. Inside the shark’s belly, it was slimy. Then I found another pair of glasses that pointed its wand at me and said, “Reparo.” I was repaired! Then me and the other pair of glasses swam out of the shark’s belly. 



(Pencil Dream. Personification)

My widdle wondwing pencil

Patted on his toes

Then he gave a sniffle all the

Way through his nose

Then he wrote

(I’m very glad) and this is how it goes:

Last night I tried to sleep

I even counted sheep

I also ate some meat

But I knew I couldn’t sleep.

I wondered why and started to sigh

I’ll just clean my seam, then I thought, I know


I sat in my case and

Began to change

My Hobbit inside of a globbit

And I knew I just had a dream!

Now it may seem

That I am starting to gleem because

Now I’ve had a dream.



(My dream)

I was flying over the ocean. The moon shone over the ocean. The stars twinkled lazily. I dived down, down, through the clouds in the starry sky and glided, arms outstretched, into the ocean. Silence… deep, utter, thorough silence… I saw the stars in the sky blinking, the moon smiling… as I drifted down they faded, went out. Darkness. Darkness surrounding me as I drifted down, down…into nothingness.

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Later, we finished our surreal paintings and added "something" behind the door- you'll find out what on Friday! 
We talked about how our thoughts and activities are often recycled in our dreams and using recycled materials each student created a sculpture of a character, animal or imaginary creation. Students used glue, tape, glue guns etc. and many chose to paint all or part of their sculpture. 
Afterwards each student sketched their sculpture, named it and described it in their sketchbook.