Today, Tuesday, we started out by creating alliterations based on the first letter of our first names that also described us. Here's one from Izzy:

Izzy is impeccable, she can do the impossible inside her interesting and interested mind. Is going into air impossible? Not to impeccable Izzy!

Next we explored identity a little further by taking on the identity of another person or object. Here are a few of the results:



Point (an excerpt)

I'm a pencil whose name is Point. I live in a pencil box with my Mom, my Dad, two baby brothers and a big sister...I was taken in a dark room and this person or thing used me to write but it was also shredding my head! Then when my head was all worn down this person or thing stuck me into a hole that started to sharpen me...



"Fate" (an excerpt)

It is a crowded place in drawer three of the chest of drawers. All my sock-y friends are there. Then I heard a shout in row 58. It was Kenny sock.

"Susan sock in missing! Sound the alarm!"

"Everyone push open the drawer", I yelled.

"Umm, oh", no hands!", said Bill sock. "Then use your sides!", I said.

Everybody pushed and I tumbled out. "Ahhhh!"

"Send me a postcard if you get out of this room!", said Tess sock. They shut the drawer and I was left out...


Madelena (an excerpt)

There once was a sock named Blueberry . Blueberry's color was blue (of course). She was said because she couldn't find her matching sock. She looked for her (her name was Orange) in the drawer, the laundry basket and under the bed...


Sydney (an excerpt)

Once upon a time there was a snail who lived in the underworld. It was a very mean, sloppy, soupy snail and her friends did not like that. So they told her and she said, " I am a thousand years old and I don't want to be called those things!"

We also examined how our beliefs are part of who we are. After listening to an essay written by a young boy named Tarek from the NPR radio program called, "This I Believe", we wrote our own. Here are excerpts from a few:


This I Believe



"I believe that smoking should be deemed a crime. Not only crime, but assault. not only assault. but slow, grueling chronically painful assault."



"I believe that you have to die so then another animal or human can be born and have a turn to see the world. And to learn the knowledge and for the knowledge to flow into the brain. And when the animal or human dies the knowledge flows out of the animal or human so then the new animal or human can learn."

It was a rainy camp day but we stayed dry and busy inside. In the afternoon we worked on "Emotional Portraits" after discussing cool and hot colors and the emotions they convey. We also worked on our Inside Out Suitcases. We popped the balloons on our paper mache masks but decided to give them an extra day to dry.