Today was devoted to selecting, editing and polishing the writing the kids wanted to read aloud to you. They were an incredibly focused and diligent bunch for 3 hours! Much thought and care went into completing pieces and preparing for the reading.

We were sad that Alistair had to leave early today and miss the reading. However, he shared his selected pieces with us before he left.

With markers we "posterized" our photo portraits into pop art. "Everyone is famous for 15 minutes", a quote from Andy Warhol. Everyone helped  hang art on the wall and we prepared for the afternoon reading and exhibit. The kids were excited and I know all the attending parents and family were very impressed by their children's art and reading of their writing for the week- us too! What a fun week!

It was a thrill to be in the presence of this group of young writers. They have talent beyond their years!

Thank you Izzy, Claire, Madelena, Sushma, Ross, Alistair and Sydney!


Self Portraits