Today our campers worked on writing with limitations. They wrote concrete poems, 6 word memoirs, haikus and more!

In the afternoon we made sculptures using recycled materials, glue and hot glue guns- see some of the characters we made in the photos below! The students also had fun putting on a turkey and peacock wedding with stuffed animals and  recycled sculptures of an organ and wedding site that was all their idea including singing "here comes the bride."

Here are their pithy haikus and beautiful artwork! 


IMG_0246 I like to help out

I want to help out robots

And help elephants.



Trees are beautiful

Men turn them into paper

I wish they wouldn’t.



Seeds fall from flowers

Sprinkling on to the soft ground

Waiting for water.



IMG_0247 Something smells awesome

And also looks very good

I love flowers. Yay!



I like the rumbling

Ducatis motorcycles

Vroom! Away they go!



IMG_0248 Sparrows chirp softly

Blackbirds sing in the treetops

Music in the air.



The mango is sweet

Mangoes are my favorite fruit

I really like mango.

-Kai Kai

Notice every leaf

Every stroke in a painting

Notice the details


Silky soft silkworm

Spin their fiber into scarves

they’re lovely and fine.


All bright in the sky

They flow with the moon dancing

Now it has to go.


Flow softly along

Falling off a waterfall

Into a big lake.