We are rounding the bend towards the end of the week and Laurie and I will be sad to say goodbye to this remarkable bunch of creative kids.

Today we selected pieces that needed editing and polishing for tomorrow's reading.

We also had time for two writing activities that produced such stunning writing that we're waiting until tomorrow to share more of it with you.

We'll tempt you with some first lines:


My secret is made of knotty, tangled string...

- Kyra

My secret is made from the best wood in the world, made from the eldar tree fashioned by death himself...

- Anna

Her secret is from scared, small faces, a long-lost Mom and a small purple knitted hat...


My secret can fly, dodging is and out of angry clouds...


A secret is made of from the huggiest hug, the best bar of chocolate, the sweetest of kisses...


My secret is made of the strongest, hardest armadillo skin in the world...



In the afternoon, we had making our own original Pop-Up books with illustrations and a story! Nicole made a "Secret Recipe" book, Mikaela made beautiful bird illustrations with a beak that opened and closed,  Ian made an iguana with a curly tongue that popped out, Sophie made an Alice in Wonderland book and Esme drew a detailed piano with a lovely poem. Everyone  creatively explored the possibilities for their pop-ups and stories.





Can't wait to share more with you tomorrow!