Kyra, Hannah, Ella, and Sophie We welcome your daughters Kyra, Ella, Hannah, Tess and Sophie to "Stamps and Letters". Each day this week we'll be updating you about their camp escapades in a blog post, complete with photos.

In the writing portion of the week we'll be becoming reacquainted, or newly acquainted with the hand written letter.


We started off the day by asking the girls about the last letter they wrote, or received. Most admitted that their most recent correspondence was thank you notes. (However, Ella participated in keeping letter writing alive by writing home from sleep away camp!)


So, we expressed our love of the implements of the craft by personifying either the pen, the paper, the envelope, the stamp or the letter itself. Here are some excerpts:


Dear Pen,


Thank you for helping me in English class. Though I get frustrated because you don't have an eraser, you still satisfy my needs. Your rubber grip and sharp point are what make you who you are. I appreciate you and hope you never run out of ink.


Love, Kyra




Dear Pen,


Your're the best pen ever George! You're so nice. You help me write anything (especially letters). You're the best lil' George ever! I hope to write with you again.


Love, Hannah




Dear postage stamp,


I love the different pictures on your shirts you get from different countries. Is it fun traveling with letters to all different places? Are the mailmen nice to you? I hope you have fun traveling even though you're not traveling much these days cause people are using e-mail, but please visit.


Your friend, Sophie
(Ella's excerpt coming tomorrow!)


Ella and Sophie


Dear Paris,


Did I tell you how much I love your name? Because you are a stamp with the Eiffel Tower on you, and the Eiffel Tower is in Paris you named yourself Paris. How clever.  


Anyway, I really appreciate the job you do transporting letters because of your worth...


Yours truly, Tess





Later, our students started the afternoon experimenting with watercolor and tempura paint to create covers for their sketchbooks and background papers for rubber stamping. A large array of "vintage" rubber stamps have been loaned to us so we explored the variety of images stamping them in many configurations and coloring with colored pastels and pencils. Each student made a small book of their stampings with very  poetic and interesting results! Tomorrow we'll learn how to make our own envelopes in various sizes and papers. A fun first day for all!