CH 2119Do you want to bring "Take My Word For It!" to your city? Know someone who may? We are looking to expand our program to more metropolitan areas - Spread the Word! With an emphasis on imagination and helping kids learn more about their author-selves, we work primarily with 3rd- 5th graders (we have a few programs for 6th-8th grades).


We are looking for Moms who:

* don’t need to make a living, but would be interested in part time paid work (currently 30 - 35 hours per/month),

* are savvy about the primary schools in her area and/or serves on a school committee or on the PTA,

* are interested in education,

* are go-getters -- organized and self-motivated,

* enjoy writing,

* and are curious to learn more!

Email our Director, Sondra Hall at if you are interested.