"My granddaughter, who typically has real difficulty focusing, all of a suddendecided she wanted to take creative writing after receiving a flier from school. The transformation has been unbelievable. She takes a journal with her frequently and is always jotting something down.  Her creative juices have gone wild since taking this class and her reading comprehension has improved. Thanks to this class, she is now thinking about becoming a writer."

"By opening the world of creative writing to my daughter, Sondra and her team showed how fun writing can be. This has given her a tremendous outlet for all the creative thoughts that she has and she can now sit down and easily write a poem or a story that is either serious or silly.  Her overall comfort with writing now has also resulted in a much greater ease completing writing assignments for school where she consistently achieves advanced scores."

"My son has taken "Take My Word For It!" creative class for the last two years in an after-school program at Chabot Elementary School, in Oakland. He has absolutely loved the class and finds the activities stimulating, engaging and a lot of fun."Take My Word For It's" instructors create a learning environment for the kids that is safe and supportive which is so important because writing, and sharing your writing, can be risky and scary for kids."