creative writing for kids Does your kid have an appetite for writing? Then come join us for the third installment of  "Peanut Butter and the Pen", a four-part creative writing series for 3rd-5th graders put on in collaboration between "Take My Word For It!" and 18 Reasons in San Francisco (

For our May workshop, "My Specialty Recipe", kid's will craft auto-biographies that use the recipe format ("whisk together one tablespoon of soccer and two tablespoons of tree climbing in a large bowl"). Together, we'll taste food, read excerpts from some of literature's greatest writing in praise of food, and talk about the art of recipe building. Each child will write an original piece to bring home and stick on the fridge. Drop off your kid with pencil and spiral notebook in hand at 10:00, and pick him or her up at 12:15, original piece in hand.

See you there!


*minimum age is 8 years old.