Griffin, 2nd grade

Secret Recipe: Giant Power


1 whip

6 sticks of butter

50 pounds of milk

To mix: First you take butter and mix it with milk. Then store it for 24 hours. Put it in the oven for one second. Then take it out and you have cream. Next you whip the cream.

If you feed this to anyone they will grow 60,079 feet. The more you eat  the taller you get.


Griffin grattan


Sam, 4th grade

Secret Recipe: Extreme Energy Drink


1 slice of bread and yogurt

1 ½ cup of powdered sugar

1 cup of strawberry, banana, orange smoothie

1 spoonful of ice cream

1 spoonful of vanilla

2 leg bones of a cheetah

1 shot of helium

1 cup of fizzed up soda

To mix: First you put the bread and yogurt into a blender and blend it for 10 minutes. Then you pour it into a bowl and mix it with the ½ cup of powdered sugar and spoonful of vanilla. Then put it in the blender again and blend it with the two leg bones of a cheetah and the cup of strawberry, banana, orange smoothie and spoonful of ice cream. Finally you add the helium and fizzed up soda and put it in a big bottle and shake it and that should give you about 4-6 cups of Extreme Energy Drink. 


Sam grattan


Teo, 4th grade

Secret Recipe: Levitating Board

Warning! Don’t pour or even get close with nitrogen: side effects could be exploding or death.


20 cups of kerosene

1 6,000 horse power engine

1 flat metal board

2 pipes

1 levitating jet

1 generator

Instructions: Connect 2 pipes to 6,000 horse power engine. Connect engine to board. Connect jet to bottom of board. Connect generator to board. Pour kerosene into the engine. Turn on power generator, get on, and have fun.


Teo grattan