Finn’s "I remember..." poem

I remember the salty ocean crashing on my face.

I remember the white shimmering snow blowing past my face.

I remember the sliminess of the flounder that I caught with my dad.

I remember when I went snorkeling in Hawaii and seeing all the colors of the rainbow and they were all fish.


Luke’s "I remember..." poem


I remember playgrounds swarming with children

I remember eating ice cream and staring into the summer sun

I remember getting a trophy for playing on a baseball team

I remember my first day of school I was so nervous you could fill up a pool with my sweat.


Jenna’s "My Secret Is..." Poem


My secret is made

from wind blowing,

thunder crashing,

trees pitch black and



This secret can

electrify you, fall

on you, also you can



I found it on the top of a black mountain

that has nothing

on it, not even one seed.

It shadows over the town.


If I lost this secret

all the boys brains

will fall into millions of pieces.


Excerpt from "Justin’s My Secret Is..." Poem


My secret is made from the softest, lightest, brightest pixie dust,

Two drops of the reddest, thickest blood of a dragon, and

The hardest, shiniest pieces of metal that will never be destroyed.


I found it through a waterfall through the darkest cave behind a Chinese bakery in Sweden.


Excerpt from Jihae’s "Secrets on the line story": I eat insects.


While my mom was upstairs checking to see if I had made my bed, I put my breakfast in a paper towel and quickly threw it away. Then I snuck outside the back door and breakfast my style. Cockroaches with ants on top. Yum!


Kyle’s "Secrets on the line story": I saw my brother driving the car without a license.


Today when I was walking the dog with my friend, Adam, he said, “Zachariah, isn’t that your dad’s car?’

“Oh, my god, it’s Patrick driving dad’s car!”

He got his license taken away because he ran into a fruit stand last month.

I asked Adam to film the thing on his iPhone 4g. He said, “But I’m about to beat Angry Birds!”

I took his phone anyway and filmed it and emailed it to myself.

When Patrick got home, I told him, “I have a video of you driving the car.”

He told me I was bluffing, so I showed it to him. He said, “Please don’t ruin my life, I’ll do anything.” I told him to do whatever I said for the rest of the summer or I’m telling mom. And also, to stop pranking me! He agreed even though he was as mad as a billionaire gone broke.

This summer is going to be pretty cool I guess.