We recently found some great info on blogging for kids from homeschooling-ideas.com, and agree that blogging is a great way to keep your kids writing!


Blogs-kids Blogging teaches kids persistance, gives them an outlet to talk about what's on their mind, and lets them get creative! (Not to mention constant writing can significantly increase spelling and grammar skills). We love posting our student's work on our blog because seeing their work published gives them so much more motivation to put forth their best work!

Homeschool Carnival is a great place to post your child's work and see what other kids are blogging about. Some kids will talk about a vacation, write a movie review, or even talk about math! We encourage you to check it out!

Of course, as with anything on the Internet, blogging requires you to follow certain Internet safety rules so be smart about what information you make public and what controls you have over the sites your child visits. That being said, blogging is also a great opportunity for children to learn to safely and smartly navigate their way around the web!

We love having you visit and comment on our blog, and we hope to see you join us in the blogosphere!