Today we continued writing our "Licking Envelopes: A Cautionary Tale" stories and then moved on to another type of correspondence- letters to a company whose product or service we love.

The 5 girls collectively wrote to the following companies- can you figure out which one(s) belong to your daughter?

-Hostess - for their Donettes powdered donuts

-O.P.I. nail polish

-Teacake Bake Shop cupcakes

- Little Shin Shin restaurant

- Tootsies on College Ave

- Market Hall's "cowboy cookies"

- Ghiradelli chocolates

We are going to send out our letters of praise for these company's products to let them know how much we appreciate them and see what happens...

After composing our letters to companies we watched a video on how the British Royal Mail (their version of the USPS) gets a letter from London to a tiny island off the coast of Scotland in 24 hours. Next we saw a video of the world's smallest post service- an Oakland-based artist who creates teeny tiny letters and puts them in teeny tiny envelopes, sealed with a drop of sealing wax. They are packaged and sent out with a magnifying glass!

Tomorrow we start our pen pal letters to some kids in Ghana, West Africa. More on that later!

In the afternoon, we got out needles and thread and sewed felt and fabric "envelopes" and purses embellishing them with fabric and rubber stamps. Sophia made a fabric envelope addressed to herself including a stamp . Check out the photo and your flower children in the park!