Front row: Sophia, Lauren, Rachel, Molly, Connor, Justice, Back row: Ethan, Sara

This Winter session, we have been using our pencils as a utensils and digging into food writing!

Read some of the delicious results:


Recipe of Me

 Ingredients: 1 lb. fashion, 4 cups swimmer, 2 1/2 lbs. wacky, 2 1/2 cups writer, 1 tbsp. clean-ness, 2 tsp. of tobiko, 2 cups of student coach, 1 lb. student council, 2 lb. of technology, 2 lb. of friendship, 20 lb. of smiley faces


Take the fashion, swimmer, technology and writer and put in a large bowl. Mix until purple or lavender. In a flat pan place friendship, clean-ness and wacky. Place in oven for an hour at 350 degrees. Let cool. Spread the first mixture onto the second. Sprinkle tobiko over it slowly. Store in freezer overnight.

Best served as a midnight snack with hot cocoa, never milk.



Ode to Especial Surtido (a mexican bread)

You're sweet and gooey. I love you. I can't stop eating you, you warm, delicious thing. Your sweet smooth texture is like a spring flower opening up on a hot summer morning in Hawaii. I want you everywhere I go! Your warm, delicious smell, your texture melting in my mouth - you are like two pots of gold on each end of delight.



Ode to Pancakes

Flip the pancake twice on the pan, the fire on at full heat, resting in oil, bubbling. As fast as I can, there's no way to stop the temptation that I have in my mind, sizzling in my face with no end. The smell is so tempting...almost ready to flat as a piece of paper, getting fatter and fatter as fast as possible, preparing for its fatal death, but loving it's life while it can.

The pancake sitting on a plate waiting for the syrup to cool and the butter to melt...the pancake looking at me with a frown. I told him I was going to eat him already so flip the frown upside down. Fluffy brown; just the way I like it.

1, 2, 3 - Prepare for death! Munch, munch, munch, gulp, all done...kind of waiting for the right moment to say, "I love you pancake."



Ode to Caprese Salad

As the soft mozarella with a delicious juicy tomato underneath, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper, meets your tongue your taste buds go to a different world where everything is perfect.

Then you eat another tomato with mozarella, olive oil, salt and pepper and then you eat another, and another and another until there are no more left. 

After you've eaten all of them you have to go back to a world where not everything is perfect.