Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt challenges you to pick up your pen and indulge your author self!  Today's prompt is about New Years Eve and includes a fun activity.  The start of a new year is a time filled with hopes and dreams for the future.  Here is a fun way to discover what may be ahead for you and your family in 2015.

Fill a bowl with water, have a grown-up light a candle and then hold the candle over the water until the melted wax drips 20 times into the bowl of water.  Look carefully at the wax drops as they land in the bowl, are they clumping together and starting to look like a puppy or are they spreading out to look like snowballs?  Whatever shapes you see are a prediction of something that might happen (or you would like to have happen) during 2015.  Have everyone in your house take turns making wax shapes and then write about the predictions you saw.  No time for this activity?  Then, take a moment to write down your hopes and dreams for 2015.

Share with us! Post your hopes and dreams for 2015 in the comments section of our blog.