Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt challenges you to pick up your pen and indulge your author self!  Today's prompt is about the snow.  Some places have lots and lots of snow right now.  A fun thing to do in the snow is build a snowman.  Have you ever built a snowman?  Did you add a hat, a nose, eyes or arms?  Did your snowman seem to have his own personality?  What would happen if your snowman was magic and came to life?

Write about what would happen if your snowman came to life.  Would you have a boy snowman, a girl snow-woman or a snow-pet?  What magic do you think made your 'snow-being' come alive?  Would he or she be a kind 'snow-being' and play with you?  Would you keep your living 'snow-being' a secret or would you share him or her with all your friends?  How would people react?  Would your 'snow-being' melt at the end of the day or would they be saved by magic?

Share with us! Post your story or your picture in the comments section of our blog.