Sunglasses I'm chillin' at the beach. I brought everything, you're at reach. As the sunbeams glow right into my eyes, I thought I would be prepared for this surprise.

I reach inside my sunglasses case...My sunglasses! I don't see them! To my face I get off my chair, I started to get frantic. I thought to myself, "It's okay, just don't panic."

Well, I did exactly what I just thought of. But cut me some slack! What I paid for those glasses sure was a lot! I started looking under various things, like under big rocks, small pebbles, starfish, and rotten old socks!

As I itch my head thinking, "Where else could they be?" I feel behind my ear, this I feel but can't see, I realize that I had been searching for these sunglasses like my life depended on it But all this time, they had been on my head.

-Gabby, Thornhill Elementary