Immortal Juice

Ingredients: 1 pint of unicorn blood, 5 pomegranate seeds, 1 golden apple, and some salt, cyclops' eye, phoenix feather.

Directions: 1. Pour 1 pint of unicorn blood in an indestructible cup. 2. Shake with an indestructible cap. 3. Add 5 pomegranate seeds 4. Chop a golden apple in half 5. Add salt on the apple and mash the apple until liquid. 6. Pour liquid apple in the cup. 7. Put juice in an oven. 8. Heat it to 30,000°F for 2 years 9. Drink up while still hot 10. If you survive you're immortal 11. Eat cyclops eye (optional--gives you powers)

-Wai-Kirn, Grattan Elementary